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ATL Racing Fuel Cell Testimonials - Why Choose ATL?

Sergi Racing Chooses ATL Fuel Cells...

"On Saturday, May 21, Anthony was racing the Florida United Promoters Tour at Auburndale Speedway. He qualified 18th after a broken trailing arm incident. He managed to race up to 11th position when he was spun and went to the pits for minor adjustments.

When he went to re-enter the race, the green flag had dropped and he was waiting at the entrance for the next caution. A ‘clueless’ track official sent him on to the track in front of the green flag field of super late models. He was subsequently hit from behind by numerous cars.

Please see the photos attached. Your fuel cell was crumpled beyond repair, but not a drop leaked out. There were four cars involved in this crash…had your fuel cell ruptured, the results would have been much worse.

Thanks to your product, Anthony will be able to race again this weekend."

- Mike Sergi | Sergi Racing

LCM Motorsports Chooses ATL Fuel Cells...

"Here are some pictures of the Super cell we had in our Super late model during a bad crash at octoberfest in Lee NH.

As you can see Your cell held up and did exactly what it is supposed to do.

The whole LCM motorsports team would highly recomend Your cells to anyone in racing!

With a lessor cell the result could have been very bad!! Thanks for build a great fuel cell!"

- John Griffith | LCM Motorsports

Allstar Race Cars Chooses ATL Fuel Cells...

"Got turned and then backed into the 4th turn wall at Super-Fast, New Smyrna Speedway.

My ATL performed EXACTLY as it was intended to by not being punctured and not leaking even one drop of fuel, which very well could have saved my life. I have been using these FANTASTIC ATL products since 1988, without even the slightest of problems.

Thank-You to ALL of the folks involved in the manufacturing of ATL “The nearly indestructible” and all around fine products that you all manufacture!"

- Jon Compagnone | Allstar Race Cars

Duplissey Racing Chooses ATL Fuel Cells...

"I was amazed at the damage to the ATL fuel cell when I got out of the car. The rear end was completely gone and two bolts were still holding the canister after flipping four times down the back stretch.

This to me is the perfect example of the difference between buying proper safety equipment or just buying a fuel cell.

Remember, Your life may depend on it."

- David Duplissey | Duplissey Racing

Bimmerworld Racing Chooses ATL Fuel Cells...

"Thank you for making such an incredible product! I am the driver of the #80 BimmerWorld/GearWrench BMW 328i that backed squarely into a wall at over 100mph at VIR during the 2010 GRAND-AM event. After hitting a tire-protected section of Armco, the car’s nose went straight up in the air and landed on the other side of the wall. Almost all the energy was dissipated with the contact into the wall, and in the car’s rear crumple zone where our ATL fuel cell was mounted.

After getting out of the car, I was first impressed that I was walking, and my next thought after seeing almost everything up to the rear tires flattened was that I didn’t smell any fuel. I am pretty amazed with your cell’s ability to take that kind of force and not blow apart, AND fully contain what was a fairly large fuel load. This was the scariest wrecks I have ever had and having safety gear like your ATL cell in the car was the key in my ability to walk away from it unharmed."

- James Clay | BimmerWorld Racing

Rob Fisher - Circle Track Magazine Chooses ATL Fuel Cells...

"At Circle Track, we build racecars and we race those cars and that carries a lot of responsibility. Our readers use what we print to improve their own racing program. They look to us to help them make informed decisions.

I have chosen ATL Fuel Cells for every one of our project cars since 2006 because of the quality construction, the ease of installation but most of all the safety.

With an ATL cell in the car I feel confident that whoever is driving it is the safest they can be."

- Rob Fisher | Editor-in-Chief at Circle Track Magazine

Venturini Motorsports Chooses ATL Fuel Cells...

"Driver safety is one of our priorities and we won't cut any corners at Venturini Motorsports.

That's why we use ATL fuel cells in our cars.

They are also easy to maintain and hold the truest amount of fuel allowed."

- Bill Venturini, Sr. | CEO, Venturin Motorsports

SpeedSource Chooses ATL Fuel Cells...

"When we looked for our fuel cell supplier, it was an easy answer. 

ATL has been the exclusive supplier for SpeedSource on all our programs since 2005, their ability to build anything we can design has allowed the engineers design freedom without sacrificing safety or reliability."

- Sylvain Tremblay | Owner, SpeedSource

Hoerr Racing Products Chooses ATL Fuel Cells...

"Hoerr Racing Products (HRP) is a proud partner of ATL.

ATL’s superior product range, product customization ability and quick turnarounds set the bar in the racing industry.

Their staff is customer centric, technically sound and most importantly understands racing."

- Jason Mitchell | President, Hoerr Racing Products

Port City Racing Chooses ATL Fuel Cells...

“Port City Racecars Proudly installs ATL fuels cells in every car that leaves our facility.”

- Harley Boeve | Owner, Port City Racing

KTR Engineering Chooses ATL Fuel Cells...

"ATL has always been there for our fuel cell needs. When I need a fuel cell, there is no question who I call.

ATL quality and service is top notch. From custom fuel cells to standard production, ATL Fuel Cells personify quality.

The personal touch that the ATL employees give us is what keeps us coming back."

- Andrew Funk | G.M., KTR European Motorsports

I/O Port Racing Chooses ATL Fuel Cells...

“I/O Port Racing Supplies has been an ATL dealer for almost 10 years. We have found that they not only have a great product, but they often have the fuel cell we need in stock, on the shelf.

This means our customers receive their order earlier. On custom orders ATL’s sales people have advanced product knowledge and can steer a customer to a better design with the correct components.

They do a great job complementing our customer service.”

- Ken Myers | President, I/O Port Racing Supplies

OG Racing Chooses ATL Fuel Cells...

"We carry ATL because 22 years ago I had a 911 that hit the wall at Watkins glen hard enough to shorten the chassis a couple inches. It hit hard enough that the driver's glasses were thrown over the blue armco wall.

The ATL cell in the front of the car had just been filled. In the crash the cell was partially crushed and did not leak a drop. It didn't leak a drop in the next 3 months.

That's why we sell ATL."

- Bill Love | Owner, OG Racing

Racer Parts Wholesale Chooses ATL Fuel Cells...

"ATL’s outstanding reputation in the racing market led RPW to begin selling ATL to our customers several years ago.

ATL’s product line covers a wide range of racing applications and the product quality and availability is top of the industry."

- Amy Hall | Marketing Manager, Racer Parts Wholesale

Dopazo Racing Chooses ATL Racing Fuel Cells...

"DOPAZO RACING a la hora de ofrecer un Tanque de conbustible confiable y con las prestaciones que nuestros clientes exigen sin dudas elegimos ATL. ya sea para autos de turismo, formula o rally hace 20 anos cubrimos con las necesidades de nuestros clientes. gracias por el exelente trato de ATL para con nuestra humilde empresa familiar Dopazo Racing."

- Pablo Dopazo | Owner, Dopazo Racing

Highlands' PowerSports Chooses ATL Fuel Cells...

"Highlands' chooses ATL for their superior quality, weight, and fuel forward designs.

ATL has proven to be a company that innovates, not imitates."

- Matt Highlands | Owners, Highlands' PowerSports

Piper Motorsport Chooses ATL Fuel Cells...

"ATL has set the fuel cell standards in the racing industry. The quality of the product and their customer service keep us coming back."

- Robbie Clements | Piper Motorsport

John James Racing Chooses ATL Fuel Cells...

"We, at John James racing, have been using ATL fuel cells since 1975. We are race car builders of vintage Porsche's, and Lola Can-Am cars. We are very proud of being a long time supplier of ATL fuel cells through out the years. We always get a quality product every time and on time.

The staff there is very professional and knowledgeable .We recently had 2 Porsche's hit the wall , both well over 100 mph, the cars and their fuel cells, did their jobs very well. All drivers were in perfect condition and are awaiting their new cars.

I can assure you , that ATL fuel cells will be in both new cars."

- Jimmy Hendrix | Owner, John James Racing

JRP Chooses ATL Fuel Cells...

"JRP chooses ATL for it's excellent reputation and experience in racing. ATL is the leader in fuel cell technology and construction for years.

JRP has used ATL since 2007 with great success and customer satisfation. With so many specific customer requests ATL can deliver to our customers exactly what they want and always on time.

This is why JRP chooses ATL as it's exclusive fuel cell line and is a great supporter of there products."

- Steve Stavrianos | General Manager, Johnston Research & Performance JRP

Mustang Don's Garage Chooses ATL Fuel Cells...

"Since working in the aviation industry in the late seventies and early eighties I have looked for the same quality of fuel system components for the road race cars we build today.

I have found it at ATL and use their cells in my personal vintage Mustang as well as the high powered Mustang street and track cars we build."

- Don Rositch | Owner, Mustang Don's Garage

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